teisipäev, 3. august 2010


Why? It haunts me to think the word forever. I do not understand people who want others to do evil? Are they really so jealous? Everyone can have one or one strong bond, a strong friendship - but it seems to me that this is probably prohibited by those who have a relationship. I am so sad to see people who want to make the other poor. I myself was never in such a way, I do not hide it, I agree it! But yes, time change to people and I'm happy that I've changed. But I'm very sorry that the other people can not see of me. But the main thing is that I do not care about other people's opinions. I have a life of their own friends and family. I have a really strong bond with some, and I hope it does not break the communication between us, ever. But anything can happen at any moment, can break our friendship, because after all the world is not too good. I am who I am. All the gossip behind. Does anyone must do know all your life? But really they need talk about all of our life. But I believe in destiny. I believe in everything. Deaf and the hearer of the world - in my opinion is very different. One thing is this - they don't care about anyone life, but deafs care talk of our life! Why? Why? Why?
After all, I still do not know WHY?